Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time Flies...

Wow, is all I can say it has been so long since I have taken the time to sit and type a post! I was doing so good and then... the kids were home and a summer with all 3 kids was a little more than I expected. Then school started up and we are trying to get into the grove of things!

First we are all alive and well, we have had a few illnesses and things but nothing major. Nathan is in second grade and doing great. He really enjoys school. Knock on wood we can only pray it stays that way! He is doing coach pitch baseb
all again with Brent as his coach. He is really enjoying that! Emeri continues to be great on the medical front which we are so grateful for. She started Kindergarten and is loving it. She has made some really cute friends and has Mrs Berkley
who was Nathan's kindergarten teacher
as well. She is doing amazing in school and loves to show of her new talent... reading! Addison has learned to crawl, loves to play with her brother and sister and chats to us often. She is still such a sweet laid back easy going little girl. She knows how to get
her self attention when ever we are out from strangers! Brent is enjoying work and has had some opportunities to travel for "work" if you consider golfing and eating out! I am just trying to keep sane and enjoy the kids!! We are excited for Halloween and a quick trip to Utah for Uncle Adam's wedding. (Well Brent, Addison and
I the other's are
staying at a friends house!) Any way here are some pictures of the kids and some of the fun we had over the summer! I promise if any one cares I will be better at updating!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer, Summer, summer

I feel like I am in the High School Musical 2 movie... in the beginning as they watch the clock and all start to chant "Summer, Summer, Summer..." I won't break into song because that would just be pathetic.  (Yes I know that it is already pathetic that I know any lines from High School Musical, but I have Emeri to thank for that!)  But I am so excited for summer to start.  Emeri was done with school last Friday and Nathan will be finished on Thursday.  I am ready not to set my alarm, or to have to wake the girls to take him to school or wake Nathan up for that matter.  Brent keeps reminding me that after a couple of days home I will be kicking my self for this wish.  But we have some fun things planned.   We have swim lessons, Science camp, baseball camp, dance and a visit from Aunt Kim to keep us busy.  Plus when Brent has every other Friday off we can try and do some fun family activities.  

I am grateful that both Emeri and Nathan have had such wonderful teachers this year and are both sad to see the school year end.  I hope that they don't ever loose that excitement about school.  I know it is bound to happen but I will hold onto it as long as I can!  

So watch out pools, here we come we are ready for the heat and humidity, bring on the fighting!!  It is going to be a great summer!  (Maybe if I can keep my good attitude it will stay that way?  It is worth a shot right?)

Enjoy your summer every one!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan

Nathan James Beitler turns 7 years old today. I remember starting labor Thursday night. Brent had gone to play basketball at our church and I started having some labor pains. He was 3 days past due. Finally on Saturday May 18, 20o2 at 11:20 a.m he was born. It was a very long and hard labor but well worth it! He has been such a joy to have in our family. He has the biggest heart, is very respectful, loves and worries about every one. What a blessing he has been to us as parents and to his sisters! He wants to go to Chucky Cheese tonight with our family then he is excited to have a friend birthday party at Pump It Up on Saturday. We love you bubby!! Hope that you have a great day!

Love Mom, Dad, Emeri & Addison

PS: I will post pictures as soon as I can get back to my regular computer! I wanted to do my favorites over the years!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

We blessed Addison the last weened in March.  We were able to have Grandma Beitler and Grandpa Sagers fly down and share in this special weekend.  We had lots of fun and the kids as always love to have family visit.  Addison did so well, she got a little fussy before the blessing and as soon as Daddy took her up there she fell right asleep.  She did great!  

Grandpa Sagers, Mom, Addison, Emeri & Nathan

Grandma Beitler, Emeri, Nathan, Mom, Addison, Daddy
Emeri, Addison & Nathan

Then a few days later Addison and I were off to Utah.  It was a very fast, busy trip but lots of fun.  We surprised Grandma & Grandpa Sagers who had no idea we were coming!  We were able to see lots of family, attend the annual Bevan's Easter Egg party, spend time with the White's/Sagers family and even have time for Aunt Kim and I to get a pedicure and do a little shopping.  Unfortunately she came home stuffy and with a little cough.  Brent had some quality time with the kids, they went to the movies, and to a party.  It was nice to visit but I sure missed them!

On Tuesday we leave again for Florida this is a trip we have been looking forward to for a long time.  We are meeting all of Brent's family there.  It will be fun, we are going to hit Disney World for a day and possibly even going to Sea World there.  It will be so good to see Brian's family who we rarely get to see.  We are so excited.  

We are gearing up for Easter this Sunday with a church Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow and enjoying Good Friday off with the kids and Brent home today.  Nathan will start Flag football when we get home from Florida and Emeri will be doing indoor soccer.  Life continues to be busy for us, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am grateful that Emeri is doing so well, health wise.  What blessings we have been given!  We continue to be involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Emeri is currently the Honored Hero for her school's Pennies for Children where they collect change to donate and she has been asked to be the honored teammate again for the TNT Cycle team this fall.  

We will update more when we get back from Florida I am excited to be able to do rides with the kids this time and not being pregnant!  I hope that we just don't hit another major tropical storm this time.  Emeri was sad to learn we were going to Florida at first because she said that it rains to much, I told her we should have better luck this time!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Addison's 2 Month Check Up...

We had Addison's 2 month old check up this morning.  Well to quote the Dr "she is an over achiever!"  She is now 14 lbs 10 oz and 23 1/2 inches long.  She is in the 90% for her age!  She looked good over all and got 3 shots!  She didn't think that was very much fun and cried for a little while.  She is sleeping soundly now, Nathan or Emeri didn't have any problems with their Vaccines so I hope and pray that she doesn't as well.  It was funny, Nathan had to leave the room while our own Jr. doctor had to watch the whole time!  Yes, I think Emeri definitely has a future in medicine.  Any way the kids have enjoyed spring break although we haven't done much.  Brent has tomorrow off so maybe with the long weekend we will do something fun!  One thing I have learned from this week off with all 3 home... it is going to be a long summer!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lil' Rustlers Rodeo

For those of you who know the Houston Rodeo is a big deal here in Texas.  It runs almost the whole month of March.  Some of the biggest names in rodeo come to compete they have famous performers do concerts every night and they have a large carnival that runs as well.  It is a lot of fun.  So when the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society asked if Emeri would like to participate in the Lil' Rustlers Rodeo of course we said yes.  Not really knowing what to expect we headed down on Wed.  But before of course Emeri and Nathan had to look the part.  I went and got them some authentic cowboy boots and hat!  Oh they looked so cute!  Any way it was a rodeo for children who face or have faced special circumstances.  They pair them up with a Cowboy or Cowgirl either on the committee or that participates in the rodeo.  Then they headed to the floor to have a mini rodeo.  Emeri had a blast, she was so cute and very brave.   They had bucking bronco's, bucking bulls, a petting zoo, real horses you could ride.  She even got her picture up on the jumbo screen!  After we got to stay and watch the real rodeo.  It was a lot of fun and both kids passed out on our way home!    

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Honeymoon Phase

Well the honeymoon phase is over for me. I still think that Addison is a great baby, but the lack of sleep has really caught up with me. Brent has been a trooper and lets me go to bed while she has her awake time before bed and get a little extra sleep. It has been really hard for me to nap while Emeri is in preschool, I feel like there are so many errands to be run, or house to be cleaned and it is just easier when I just have her. Then the kids come home and I feel like I need to give them attention and napping with them by my self really isn't an option. So there you have it lack of sleep! Ugh, I am not a happy person when I don't feel like I get enough sleep. I know that this to shall pass. It is just a painful process!

Nathan got to be star student of the week this week. We made a fun poster for him with pictures from when he was a baby, vacations we have taken and sports he has played! He was really excited.

Emeri is still my second mother of the house. I am trying to be understanding and not loose my patients when she questions every thing I do and wants to know why I did it. She loves to pick out Addison's outfits, Pj's and bows, smothers her with kisses and hugs. I have to remember that it could be the opposite, she could really not like her and be mean! So yes, I am trying to count my blessings!

Brent ran a 1/2 marathon this weekend with his friend Nate. It was in Austin so I had all 3 kids to myself overnight for the first time. Lets just say that didn't help the no sleep issue. Emeri was up and wanted to be in our bed which then Addison kept waking her up. Yup a vicious cycle! But he did good, I can't imagine running any miles and he didn't really train and ran 13 + miles! They were supposed to do the full marathon but his friends knee was bothering him, so they decided to do the 1/2 instead.

Other than that we are doing good, trying to stay healthy although every one I talk to is sick!