Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer, Summer, summer

I feel like I am in the High School Musical 2 movie... in the beginning as they watch the clock and all start to chant "Summer, Summer, Summer..." I won't break into song because that would just be pathetic.  (Yes I know that it is already pathetic that I know any lines from High School Musical, but I have Emeri to thank for that!)  But I am so excited for summer to start.  Emeri was done with school last Friday and Nathan will be finished on Thursday.  I am ready not to set my alarm, or to have to wake the girls to take him to school or wake Nathan up for that matter.  Brent keeps reminding me that after a couple of days home I will be kicking my self for this wish.  But we have some fun things planned.   We have swim lessons, Science camp, baseball camp, dance and a visit from Aunt Kim to keep us busy.  Plus when Brent has every other Friday off we can try and do some fun family activities.  

I am grateful that both Emeri and Nathan have had such wonderful teachers this year and are both sad to see the school year end.  I hope that they don't ever loose that excitement about school.  I know it is bound to happen but I will hold onto it as long as I can!  

So watch out pools, here we come we are ready for the heat and humidity, bring on the fighting!!  It is going to be a great summer!  (Maybe if I can keep my good attitude it will stay that way?  It is worth a shot right?)

Enjoy your summer every one!

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