Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

We blessed Addison the last weened in March.  We were able to have Grandma Beitler and Grandpa Sagers fly down and share in this special weekend.  We had lots of fun and the kids as always love to have family visit.  Addison did so well, she got a little fussy before the blessing and as soon as Daddy took her up there she fell right asleep.  She did great!  

Grandpa Sagers, Mom, Addison, Emeri & Nathan

Grandma Beitler, Emeri, Nathan, Mom, Addison, Daddy
Emeri, Addison & Nathan

Then a few days later Addison and I were off to Utah.  It was a very fast, busy trip but lots of fun.  We surprised Grandma & Grandpa Sagers who had no idea we were coming!  We were able to see lots of family, attend the annual Bevan's Easter Egg party, spend time with the White's/Sagers family and even have time for Aunt Kim and I to get a pedicure and do a little shopping.  Unfortunately she came home stuffy and with a little cough.  Brent had some quality time with the kids, they went to the movies, and to a party.  It was nice to visit but I sure missed them!

On Tuesday we leave again for Florida this is a trip we have been looking forward to for a long time.  We are meeting all of Brent's family there.  It will be fun, we are going to hit Disney World for a day and possibly even going to Sea World there.  It will be so good to see Brian's family who we rarely get to see.  We are so excited.  

We are gearing up for Easter this Sunday with a church Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow and enjoying Good Friday off with the kids and Brent home today.  Nathan will start Flag football when we get home from Florida and Emeri will be doing indoor soccer.  Life continues to be busy for us, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am grateful that Emeri is doing so well, health wise.  What blessings we have been given!  We continue to be involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Emeri is currently the Honored Hero for her school's Pennies for Children where they collect change to donate and she has been asked to be the honored teammate again for the TNT Cycle team this fall.  

We will update more when we get back from Florida I am excited to be able to do rides with the kids this time and not being pregnant!  I hope that we just don't hit another major tropical storm this time.  Emeri was sad to learn we were going to Florida at first because she said that it rains to much, I told her we should have better luck this time!

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The Amado's est 1996 said...

Addison is a cute little baby! I am glad you had family for that special day. Have fun in Florida!