Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time Flies...

Wow, is all I can say it has been so long since I have taken the time to sit and type a post! I was doing so good and then... the kids were home and a summer with all 3 kids was a little more than I expected. Then school started up and we are trying to get into the grove of things!

First we are all alive and well, we have had a few illnesses and things but nothing major. Nathan is in second grade and doing great. He really enjoys school. Knock on wood we can only pray it stays that way! He is doing coach pitch baseb
all again with Brent as his coach. He is really enjoying that! Emeri continues to be great on the medical front which we are so grateful for. She started Kindergarten and is loving it. She has made some really cute friends and has Mrs Berkley
who was Nathan's kindergarten teacher
as well. She is doing amazing in school and loves to show of her new talent... reading! Addison has learned to crawl, loves to play with her brother and sister and chats to us often. She is still such a sweet laid back easy going little girl. She knows how to get
her self attention when ever we are out from strangers! Brent is enjoying work and has had some opportunities to travel for "work" if you consider golfing and eating out! I am just trying to keep sane and enjoy the kids!! We are excited for Halloween and a quick trip to Utah for Uncle Adam's wedding. (Well Brent, Addison and
I the other's are
staying at a friends house!) Any way here are some pictures of the kids and some of the fun we had over the summer! I promise if any one cares I will be better at updating!

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